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GTA 5 is an action-based game that takes place in the state of San Andreas but in the city of Los Santos. You play as three main protagonists, the first for a Grand Theft Auto game. One of the characters you play as is Michael Townley who fakes his own death to get out of the life of crime under the witness protection of the FIB under a new name, Michael De Santa. He's now living in Los Santos with his two children and his wife, Amanda. Our second main protagonist is Franklin Clinton. Like Michael, Franklin results to a life of crime such as robbing liquor stores and warehouses, anything for some of the needed money. He too lives in Los Santos where he stays with his auntie, Denise. Franklin commits active crimes and does kill gang members but he isn't stupid and he tries to branch out from the hood life so him and his crush Tanisha can live somewhere away from all of it. Our third and final protagonist is Trevor Phillips. He is the first character in GTA that actually works, his personality being a sociopathic narcissist who will kill for fun, actually matches the setting of randomly blowing things up and running people over. Trevor and Michael were buddies back in the old heist days, they'd do scores together until it all went south and Michael faked his own death, leaving Trevor M.I.A only to return later in the game watching the news and hearing about Michael being potentially alive. This game is amazing, which is an understatement but the open world is gigantic with several different landmarks and terrain as you drive around. The gameplay feels smoother than it ever has before, with even faster cars, even bigger guns, and even more people to shoot at. The storyline might not be the most interesting, but actually being able to plan a heist and pick who you want to hack and drive and provide firearms is mental. Making stupid decisions for a heist can also affect how it goes down, you may lose money, someone might die, it's just crazy how in-depth the game gets. The game can get slow at times but if you wanna take a break from the main story, do some side quests which are referred to as "Strangers and Freaks". 100% completion of this game doesn't come easy it will take some grinding and some time consumption in order to acquire the 100% you may need to watch YouTube videos for help. Overall the story mode to this game is top-notch and I give RockStar props for creating such a banger of a game.

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