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Pencil Stripe knit, Slim tie.

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Pencil Stripe knit tie

. ENHANCE YOUR WEARING EXPERIENCE: Advanced craft and improved material and technology ensures your necktie very decent and easy to tie a beautiful knot, heavy weighted and elastic

. SIZE - length: 57 inches long - ideal of formal decent necktie for men up to 6 feet tall. Width: 2.16 inches width is perfect for most casual and formal suits

MAKE LIFE A BIT MORE FUN: as we know, fine feathers make fine birds, a same suit can look totally different with different ties. Sometimes you can pick a new tie to light up an old suit. An exquisite accessory can make a normal dress more elegant in most cases

WHAT YOU WILL GET IN THIS PURCHASE: 6pcs classic skinny tie bundles which will ensure you will be always charming in every occasion from day to day work days, wedding, party or a night out on the town

Slim tie.

AVailable: Black, White and Red

White, black and Red

Black, Red and White

Orange,Black and Yellow

Burgany, Black and White

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