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Powerful 5.6kW high performance saw Ms. 780 Chain Saw

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  •  Stihlbrand
  • Model MS 780
  • Fuel Type Naphtha
  • Power 1.8 kW
  • Displacement 121.6 cc


Powerful 7.6 HP high-performance chainsaw

High-power motor with maximum torque at low working revolutions. Heavy duty type air filter with high filtering capacity that reduces the need for maintenance. Anti-vibration system with 4 rubber elements that reduces vibrations and provides optimal work performance


- Displacement cm³ 121.6
- Power kW 5.6
- Power_ CV 7.6
Power weight ratio kg / kW 1.8
Chain pitch Inches .404 " - STIHL Oilomatic Rapid Super (RS)
QuickStop chain brake - Adhesive oil tank capacity cm3 700 Standard


- HD2 filter

The HD2 polyethylene filter with pores up to 70% thinner than the textile and polyamide filters, and even filters to the finest dust. In addition, it repels the oil and is very easy to clean. It can be changed without tools.

- Compensator

It is a device that allows us to extend the cleaning periods of the air filter without loss of power and providing an optimal air / fuel mixture

- Decompression

valve This valve allows a part of the compressed mixture at the time of start, escape in a controlled way to the cylinder, thus facilitating the starting process.

- Anti-vibration system

Damping points exactly calculated, which reduce the vibrations of the motor and the cutting equipment, which saves effort and facilitates the work.

- STIHL Ematic System

This system reduces the consumption of adhesive oil from the chain. It consists of the Ematic sword, the Oilomatic chain. With these components, the chain oil arrives without losses where it is really needed. In this way the consumption of chain oil can be reduced up to 50%.

- Unified control

All important functions such as starting (both cold start and hot start), start and stop are controlled with one hand. This increases comfort and safety for the user.

- STIHL chain side tensioner

The chain is tensioned laterally through the chain sprocket cover, comfortably. This avoids contact with the sharp chain.

- Closing tanks without tools

Special closures for fuel and oil tanks, which allow them to be opened and closed without tools.

Long-lasting air filter

Pure air. The carburetor lid opens without tools, so you can easily and quickly clean the air filter.

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