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Yoni Detox Pearls

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Detox Pearls are herbal suppositories designed for vaginal use. Comprising natural ingredients like herbs and minerals, they claim to detoxify and cleanse the reproductive system. Users insert the pearls, which purportedly draw out toxins, balance pH, and improve overall vaginal health. Advocates suggest benefits such as reduced odor, alleviation of discomfort, and enhanced fertility. 

Vaginal Cleansing: Advocates suggest that the pearls cleanse the vagina by removing toxins and impurities.

Balancing pH: Purportedly helps balance the vaginal pH level, creating a healthier environment.

Reducing Odor: Claims to address unpleasant vaginal odors by eliminating toxins and maintaining a cleaner environment.

Alleviating Discomfort: Some users believe that detox pearls can ease discomfort or irritation in the vaginal area.

Enhancing Fertility: Advocates suggest that the pearls may contribute to improved fertility, though scientific evidence supporting this is lacking.

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